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2020年高2進研模試11月 英語 文法問題の解説

進研模試 文法問題 2020年 高2 11月度
問1 We have arrived here well ( ) time. Why don’t we have lunch before the movie start?
1 after 2 ahead of 3 behind 4 in front of

ahead of(時間)~より先に in front of〜(人・もの)の正面に
well ずいぶん He was well over fifty. 彼は50をずいぶん超えていた。
have lunch/have a delicious lunch 形容詞が入るとaが必要
why don’t we = let’s 勧誘 ~しませんか?
Why don’t you=提案 ~してはどう?

問2 When I started living by myself, I ( ) early in the morning. I was late for university almost every morning.
1 used to wake up 2 was not used to wake up
3 was not used to waking up 4 was used to waking up

by oneself / for oneself 助けを借りずに/自分のために
be late for ~に遅刻する
be used to ~ing =〜になれている
used to do =①以前は~した ②以前は~であった(現在との対比)
Tom is used to getting up early in the morning.
He used to drive to work every day.
I would go fishing every Sunday in summer when I was a child.
問3 I was lucky not to have been injured in the accident. It was a really ( )
1 narrow 2 short 3 small 4 thin

not to 不定詞の形
be injured =〜でけがをする
a narrow escape =かろうじて難を逃れる

問4 The number of people in their 20s ( ) for 10% of the population of the city.
1  accounts  2  answers 3  pays  4  stands

account for 〜   ~の割合を占める
This product accounts for 50% of the company’s revenue.
answer for 〜 ~の責任をとる
You must answer for this crime.
stand for ~  ~を表す
CEO stands for Chief Executive Officer.
CEO は最高経営責任者 (Chief Executive Officer) を意味する。

問5 Thank you for your proposal of marriage, but it’s too late. Three months ago, I ( ). I have feelings for someone else now.
1 accepted it 2 had accepted it
3 have accepted it 4 would have accepted it

have feelings for 〜が好きだ
助動詞の過去形は遠さを表す=①時間的に遠い(過去)②現実から遠い(仮定法)③関係が遠い(丁寧)④可能性が遠い 時間的過去で使われることは少ない
①I could already play the piano when I entered an elementary school.
② If I were there, we could watch TV together.
③Could you get me my iPhone ?

助動詞+have+過去分詞 は現在から過去を振り返る
Something may happen to him.
Something may have happened to him.
Something might have happened to him. ④可能性が遠い